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Nespresso One Lattissima Review

Sikka April 201826240

I have been coveting the Nespresso coffee machines for years now and when I got the chance to try it out, I jumped. What really caught my eye with the Nespresso Lattissima One was the fact that it uses fresh milk. Now for those that know me well would know that I’m not a huge coffee connoisseur- however, my husband is and was more then happy to taste as I tested the various coffee flavor pods.

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Outrigger Konotta, Maldives


I think it’s safe to say that Maldives is on everyone’s bucket list- if it’s not, hopefully this post will convince you to put it on there, and soon. One international 4 hour flight, another internal flight within Maldives and a 20 minute boat ride later, we had arrived in the paradise that is Outrigger Konotta. Even though we took a red eye flight to get there, as soon as well arrived and saw the pristine white beach paired with azure blue sea, our eyes were wide with excitement.

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Walking in Paris- Part 1

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I’ve always been a ‘list’ person. My moleskin is full of lists- lists of pending jobs, lists of photo editing that remains, grocery lists (split into urgent and weekly of course), even lists of what lists need to be made. They’re on my fridge, in my car, on random notebooks. My children even have a habit of writing them, Maryam in particular. She will make list of what she will do on her playdate with her friends, what to include in her homework, her breakfasts for the week.

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