Walking in Paris- Part 1

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I’ve always been a ‘list’ person. My moleskin is full of lists- lists of pending jobs, lists of photo editing that remains, grocery lists (split into urgent and weekly of course), even lists of what lists need to be made. They’re on my fridge, in my car, on random notebooks. My children even have a habit of writing them, Maryam in particular. She will make list of what she will do on her playdate with her friends, what to include in her homework, her breakfasts for the week.

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So of course, before heading to Paris, I made a list of places I wanted to eat at, stroll through, people watch, eat pastry at and while away the days.

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As with most trips, plans changed last minute, random stops happened, last minute stops found their way onto the list. The plan is to always have the list but not to live by it, not be bound by it. Anyways, it’s always the last minute additions and the hole in the wall spaces you discover when you’re lost in a secret Parisian alleyway that are the best right.


I’ll leave you with this much for now. I’ll be back with more pictures out and about in Paris soon.


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