Jambo from Tanzania. I’m here in Dar es Salaam visiting my parents and introducing Hassan to the rest of the family. We have been here a week now and enjoying every minute of being pampered by my mom.

Besides visiting the beautiful beaches and relaxing, my aunt has taken me to local markets. Markets that have been there for years but ones I’ve never visited before, ones that have never interested me before now.

I have taken my loyal companion everywhere- my camera. Clicked over 500 photos already and it hasn’t even been a week yet. Here is a teaser. I will write a more detailed post when I return. I can’t wait to show you my country, the azure beaches, the farm fresh produce and the wilderness.

And as for the lychees- I packed some for my mom all the way from Dubai. Isn’ that pinkish purple hue regal? It has always been a tradition to take exotic foods back home for the family. And of course, in return, we always bring back what is seasonal.

Wonder what fruits will make it into my suitcase this time- perhaps some of these ripe yellow pineapples?

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